Occupational Hygiene Services:

- Personal air monitoring (classic Industrial Hygiene testing):

  • Chemicals: benzene, hydrocarbons, vapors, pesticides
  • Particulates: silica, welding fumes, heavy metals, dusts, fibers

- Baseline facility evaluations (required under OHS Regulations to identify hazards and inform employees and/or contractors)

- Asbestos: initial evaluation, bulk testing, project management during abatement

- Radiological monitoring: naturally-occurring "NORM", man-made, non-ionizing radiation

- Turnaround support:

  • Pre-Turnaround: prior to the actual turnaround, perform testing/evaluation for NORM, asbestos, other hydrocarbons. Use this information in the turnaround planning process, budgeting, scheduling
  • During Turnaround: provide site monitoring for chemical & physical hazards during the actual turnaround

- Fungal evaluations and remedial action protocols

- Indoor air quality evaluations

- Biological pathogens (hantavirus - mice, cryptococcus - birds/bats, etc.)

Contract Services:

Nearly all employers have some type of occupational health hazard in their work environment. Current legislation requires that these occupational health hazards to be properly evaluated as part of doing business.On occasion, a client may require occupational hygiene support beyond project-based evaluations. Being a specialized science, Occupational Hygienists (especially ones that are certified or "CIH"), can be cost-prohibitive to put on the company payroll, especially for small or mid-sized companies.

We can help fill this need by providing our Occupational Hygiene services on a contract or out-sourcing basis. Depending upon your needs, we can be flexible in providing support on a long or short-term basis per an hourly or day-rate basis.

Let's face it, all companies today are looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce costs. This method allows your company access to experienced and qualified Occupational Hygienists without adding headcount and the associated overhead costs!

Other Services

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